AXE: SXSW Digital Billboard

Our Role
Design & Development

Inspired by Austin’s tagline, Keep Austin Weird, AXE decided SXSW was the perfect opportunity to showcase people’s individuality and make a splash for their new product line. Future Colossal, Kinetic and The Michael Alan Group executed a dynamic campaign using proprietary high-res auto-branding cameras, featuring real-time photos broadcasted to a digital billboard in the epicenter of SXSW. 


The campaign sent a group of photographers out to roam the festival with our proprietary auto-brand cameras. Festival-goers were surprised to be approached by these professional photographers, but ate up the chance to live life as a model, showing off their authentic style for AXE. They would then select from pre-designed brand messages to caption their photo and send it to themselves for social sharing - all from the camera's touch screen. Their photo was instantly transmitted to a huge digital display.

Festival-goers waited next to the billboard for their photo to be shown. Seeing their own face up on the larger-than-life display, delighted them and even provoked them to capture their own photos of the billboard to share on social media. 

The activation empowered participants to find their magic and with 8,000 measurable interactions the campaign was an instant hit. 

We had 100% share of voice at the epicenter of SXSW, a festival that doesn't normally allow any billboards or bulletins, but because we created an experiential event using digital signage, we were able to bypass the rule and showcased the only digital out-of-home screen in the downtown area of Austin during this SXSW. The average approximate dwell time at the screen was 10 seconds, longer than the average digital OOH spot length.

This campaign extended beyond a traditional OOH campaign, by activating mobile and amplifying the campaign on social media.