Bank of America: Snowman Showdown

Bank of America
Our Role
Design, Development, AV


For their 2016 Winter Village takeover at Bryant Park, Bank of America wanted a fun, interactive challenge for event attendees taking a break in their Bank of America Lodge. We created the gesture-based Snowman Showdown game to let users battle it out with snowy foes, earn their spot on the leaderboard, and win some pretty cool swag!


Using a depth sensor, skeletal tracking, and gesture detection; users took their turn at throwing virtual snowballs at snowpeople as they quickly appeared on screen. The 75” 4K screen brought the snowy Bryant Park scene to life with crackling ice and bursts of powdery white.

Users had 45 seconds to knock down as many blue snowpoeple as possible while avoiding the red snowpeople. A player on a streak would enter the “Ice Cold” and “Sub-Zero” levels to gain special effects and maximize their earned points per hit. If a player earned their place on the leaderboard, they got to take home a piece of Bank of America Winter Village branded swag.

Over 1000 users got to enjoy and attempt to beat the high score. Over 30 users per hour chose to play our snowy challenge over a host of other activities and shows in the Bank of America Winter Village.