Naked Juice: Solar-Powered Play to Press

Ignition Factory (OMD)
Naked Juice
Our Role
Design, Development, Fabrication, Shipping and Logistics, Videography


Ignition Factory commissioned Future Colossal to a environmentally conscious activation that could travel the country to promote the release of Naked Pressed.  We took on the challenge and created a solar powered, mobile vehicle, with a 10 foot display and automated juice dispensing!  The hybrid vehicle and all interactive technology is powered by 10 large solar panels, over 2,000 lbs of batteries.  

The experience drove from New York to LA stopping by SXSW in Austin for five days and parking at the Santa Monica Pier for a weekend finale. During the tour, over 4,400 bottles were dispensed and deliciously enjoyed.  All while promoting sustainability and the healthy benefits of Naked Pressed.

Solar Panel Vehicle Marketing Campaign


A hybrid engine offered additional sustainability while the large solar system powered the truck, generating enough solar energy each day to power up to two houses. The solar panels extended once the truck was in place, doubling as an awning to shield the sun and rain.

Three players faced off in quick paced game-play using wireless gesture and touch displays to control falling produce on the display.  The player that captured and juiced the most produce won a free Naked Pressed.  At the end of the game the winner was announced and the juice was automatically dispensed out of the side of the vehicle.

Naked Pressed Solar Powered Vehicle at Santa Monica Pier