Mastercard: #Priceless at Saks

Our Role
Design & Development


As part of their #Priceless campaign, MasterCard sponsored the famous Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Show. MasterCard wanted to create a photo memento for shoppers to take their experience home, but felt that a green screen would be a bulky, off-brand intrusion in Saks Fifth Avenue. Our solution? Redefine the green screen by developing proprietary algorithms that create the same effect without the actual screen.


We engineered the Holiday Photo Booth to give shoppers a green screen photo experience without the unsightly green screen. Instead, our Holiday Photo Booth matched the Saks Fifth Avenue’s upscale brand aesthetic. As shoppers approached the photo booth, they used a tablet to select one of eight Saks Fifth Avenue holiday storefronts as their background. 

Using custom background detection software, depth sensors, and a whole lot of image processing, shoppers saw themselves augmented on the screen in real time. Photos could be emailed or texted for easy social sharing and were printed out on the spot for shoppers to take home.