Shadows of Isolation

Our Role
Production, Design, & Development


Shadows of Isolation, a Virtual Reality artwork, is a lucid dream-like journey through an ever-changing worldscape. Exploring urban isolationism and the replacement of nature with technology, it uses VR as an installation space, stepping outside of the traditional gallery/museum model to distribute immersive art freely to the masses. 

During the experience, the user is fully immersed in different themed environments; some pass through, others stop and walk, swim, or fly around. The current twelve scenes vary from asteroid fields in outer space to underwater with whales to elephant stampedes, even base-jumping off a Hong Kong building.

Innovative Control System

Shadows of Isolation can be experienced via game controllers, keyboard, and/or positional tracking. The most robust control scheme is a new positional tracking system we designed specifically for this experience. It utilizes the user's body as controllers for navigating the virtual world, allowing them to simply lean in the direction they want to move and rotate their body to face any direction. This control method vastly reduces VR motion sickness and increases the sense of persistence. Anyone can utilize this control system using their standard VR position tracking camera.