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At Home Fitness Experiences

Future Colossal is an award-winning innovation lab. Our team of experience designers, developers and engineers create unique experiences for the world's biggest brands

We work with brands to build emotional memories through creative use of technologies. With experience in live events, themed entertainment and OOH marketing, our team of technical experts knows how to deliver that level of excitement to devices at your audience's fingertips.

What we do:

Enhanced Streaming

Add interactive features like data and tracking to your livestreams or digital experiences.


We bring software and hardware products to life in weeks – getting your ideas to people fast.

Gestural Interactivity

We create experiences for at-home devices to engage people with their whole bodies.

Game Design Development

We create game experiences of all kinds, from full-scale sports simulations or 2D side-scrollers.

Second Screen Experiences

We create multi-platform experiences connecting at-home devices and online content.


We create new digital and physical products and scale them to global distribution with our partners.

Our Experience:

Interested in some of the technologies we’re using for in-home experiences? Get a taste from some of our previous projects.

Sports Training Environments

We create professional training simulations for professional sports leagues like MLB.

Interactive Gameplay

Bring games to life for individuals or multiple players using their whole bodies as controllers like in Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

Creative Product Experiences

Using motion and body tracking to engage audiences for major brands like Jay-Z Gold.

Example: Browser-Based Tracking

Future Colossal created this one-week rapid prototype to demonstrate browser- based skeletal tracking and gestural detection capabilities – just one of the many technologies we can harness to create a wide range of in-home experiences together for your brand. A browser-based virtual workout is one of many ways your brand can connect to people at home during times of social isolation. These technologies can become the basis of interactive workouts for any sport, multi-user classes and games, enhanced livestreams, sports simulations and much, much more.

What’s in this Demo?

Using the webcam on your computer or mobile device you will control this experience with your body’s movements. The experience will tell you when you’ve completed a move and let you know what to do next. Watch as the system calculates calories burned and points earned toward your workout goal.

Using the webcam on your computer or mobile device and follow the instructions to see the differences between body position tracking, gestural tracking and facial tracking.


  • Using browser-enabled machine learning the system finds your body, hands and face.
  • Your movements will trigger different interactions in the system.
  • These tools can integrate with video, streaming, website and larger game experiences.
  • Adaptable to single-user or multiplayer experiences.

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