Virtual Reality cityscape with pedestrians made of light particles

In Each Single Narrative users explores a dream like cityscape that visually breaks down upon approach. The city itself is silent but as the user nears a pedestrian, composed of light particles, they hear sounds of the city along with the footsteps, breath, and heartbeat of that individual pedestrian. Moving even closer, they can hear the pedestrians’ thoughts and inner monologue. The user can experience moments of overwhelming stimulus, as they walk through sidewalks full of hundreds of pedestrians, or moments of complete silence, where the user is visually and sonically separated from pedestrians and the surrounding environment. EKG sensors and pezo microphones connected to the user transmit the sounds of their own bodies into the virtual world. The sounds such as their heart beat and the ruffling of their clothing make users aware of their own presence and allows their own thoughts to intermingle with the narratives of the virtual pedestrians.


As the user explores the city, they may discover small pathways between buildings that lead into seemingly endless natural environments. As the user moves further into the natural environment, everything begins to break down; they discover that they are actually in a small room disguised to look like a full environment from the correct perspectives. Elements flicker and reveal their digital skeletons, as natural sounds collapse into one another, forming an electric dissonance. The user is left to wander and explore the virtual installation space. 

Virtual outdoor green space with trees and grass created by Future Colossal


Built in the Unity 3D game engine, allowing for a rich 3D gaming experience, and for a multitude of publishing outlets (Web, PC, Mac, Mobile).