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Virtual Event Experiences

Future Colossal is an award-winning innovation lab. Our team of experience designers, developers and engineers create unique experiences for the world’s biggest brands and Events.

We work with partners to bring the excitement in-person events home through creative use of technologies and experience design. With years of expertise in live event production, experiential marketing, and game development, our team of technical experts knows how to create incredible experiences for virtual events that promote collaboration, engagement, and organic relationship building.

What we do:

Interactive Experiences

Bring cutting-edge technology to personal devices on the web, mobile devices, VR, AR, XR, and more.

Sharable Content & UGC

We tap into people’s creativity and give them the tools to create gorgeous branded content to customize and share.

Game Design & Development

We create games and quizzes that delight and inform for single or multiple players for all platforms.

Analytics & Data Capture

We provide analytics that offer valuable insights and paint a clear picture with data about your audience and how they experience your events and content.

AR & Browser Based Tracking

Using webcams to track viewers and connect the digital and real world on personal devices.

Innovation Consulting

We explore new tech and innovations and can help you integrate cutting-edge experiences into new & existing platforms and tools.

Past Experience:

We understand how to connect audiences to new releases. Get inspired with some of our past work.

Branded Games & Experience Design

We create games for single or multiple players delivered to their at-home devices – like our Microsoft 1.11 game for Netflix’s Stranger Things Things

Collaborative Creative Experiences

Let audiences customize and share content using connected online experiences like this activation for Microsoft Crowdpaint.

Customized UGC Experiences

Giving your audience opportunities to create and collaborate in a branded environment that allows people to customize and share – like in this campaign for AXE

How do you want to engage your audience?

Tell us about your project! Our team will offer solutions that fit your needs and budget.