Allstate: Fansformation

Our Role
Design, Content, Development, Tent Design, Install


For Allstate’s branded fan zone at the 2016 Sugar Bowl and College Football Playoffs, we created an augmented reality photo booth that turned people into super fans. They could choose between their team's face paints and 3D effects for branded photos that they could easily share online.


Incorporated into a custom 10’ x 10’ tent, fans stepped in front of a screen and chose one of six available augmented reality face paints or 3D effects that represented the participating teams. Using facial feature detection the augmented effects were dynamically positioned and composited onto the fan's face for the branded photo. Fans could then share their photos via email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter to show their support for their team. Throughout the duration of the campaign, branded content was shared over 4,000 times; meeting Allstate's goals and proving their first digital activation a success. 

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