Showtime: Inside the NFL

Van Wagner
Showtime Networks
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Design & Development


Future Colossal was commissioned by Showtime and Van Wagner Experiential to create an immersive experience for the Inside the NFL Super Bowl Party at the Times Warner Cable Studios Superbowl event. Experiences included two immersive, gesture-based 3D games and a photo experience that digitally placed fans at the INFL desk without the need for a green screen.


We created three unique fan experience stations to increase event throughput. In two motion-controlled games, both built with a Kinect sensor and a video game engine, we gave fans the ability to step onto a virtual field to kick field goals and throw virtual footballs.  The quick reflexes and accuracy required for the Quarterback Challenge gave fans a chance to see how they stacked up against the pros.

To achieve an immersive 3D experience for the user, a virtual camera was dynamically positioned on the user's head location; allowing the virtual view to match the user's changing perspective as they moved.  This allowed for a fully immersive experience for the user while not distracting from the image quality for the crowd watching.

A third experience provided fans with a branded and augmented photo to share online. Once a fan stepped in front of the screen, the experience digitally composited them into an INFL photo.  This was possible using the Kinect and our powerful custom developed algorithms for real time background subtraction and color correction. Fans then received their photos via text to share with friends and family. The games were so popular, there was a 20 minute line from the start of the event to an hour after the event closed.  Showtime was so happy with the experience they decided to extend the experience to another event in Puerto Rico.