Sports Illustrated: Super Bowl

Sports Illustrated
Our Role
Design & Development


In celebration of Super Bowl 50, Sports Illustrated set up shop in Macy’s San Francisco to broadcast their web show, give fans an opportunity to meet NFL players, and provide a weekend of football themed entertainment. A crowd-drawing centerpiece was required, and Future Colossal was up to the task.



As a centerpiece to the experience, we created a Quarterback Challenge game using the Kinect depth sensor, parallax tracking for 3D vision, and a 19' projection to immerse fans in a virtual field where they could test their skills.

Players threw a virtual football at blue targets to land as many passes as possible, while avoid the red targets, or interceptions. Throwing multiple successful passes in a row landed the player in 'The Danger Zone', a bonus opportunity with flaming footballs and explosions.

The Quarterback Challenge was surrounded by an intrigued and excited crowd throughout the celebration, and the line to play wrapped around the event space.