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Taste of Home: Gingerbread BLVD 2017

Taste of Home
Our Role
Design, Content, Development, AV


We whipped up a second batch of holiday magic for Taste of Home’s fourth annual Gingerbread Boulevard. Partnering again with AREA4, we invited visitors to a 4D adventure of the gingerbread man’s world.

Video courtesy of Good Morning America


Utilizing 8 LED Screens, we created windows into the gingerbread man’s candy-coated world. Custom animation introduces visitors to Coco, the gingerbread man’s trusty canine companion, and Frosty the Snowman, as they embark on an immersive holiday adventure. 

Visitors are first greeted by the sensory experience of warm gingerbread and marshmallow, transported into a sweet recreation of Madison Square Park. Gusts of wind, flickering lights, and other sensory surprises are made possible by our custom-coded circuit controls, timed to enhance the 4D story as it unfolds in the round from screen to screen entertaining holiday visitors.

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