Man holding child in front of Allstate AR Photo Booth experience displays

Allstate: AR Photo Experience

Our Role
Design, Development, AV


Building upon our previous work with Octagon and Allstate, we brought augmented reality to the 2018 Sugar Bowl and College Football Playoffs. Choosing between their favorite teams' branded gloves, fans hands were transformed to create branded photos to commemorate the games.


Designed to be easily transportable and accessible for all fans, the experiences was incorporated into a custom 10’ x 10’ tent that traveled to both indoor and outdoor venues. As simple as taking a selfie, fans posed in front of the screen and chose one of ten available augmented reality gloves from participating teams. Using an infrared camera for tracking, the gloves were dynamically positioned onto their hands to create a branded photo. Fans then shared their photos via email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter to support their team. Throughout the duration of the campaign thousands of fans participated, sharing their support on social media over 90% of the time.

College football fans posing for Allstate AR Photo booth experience
Family & friends posing for Allstate’s AR photo booth experience