Driven by dreamers. Powered by technology.

Our cross-functional team pushes the limits of experiential technology and art to create physical and virtual immersive spaces that are impactful and interactive.

Our Services



Concept Development Strategic Planning Brand Positioning Storyboarding Illustration



Experience Design Game Design Environment Design Product Design Rapid Prototyping



Software Development Hardware Development Media Production Fabrication Production



Installation Global Deployment Touring Logistics Support / Monitoring Data Analysis

What We Do

and Innovations

Our team is comprised of designers, creative technologists, and engineers, working together.

Creative coding 600x600
Theatrical Lighting dmx Arctic Refuge 600x600
Environmental Effects immersive 588x588
Motion Tracking jay Z Gold 600x600
Computer vision sensors 600x600
Game Engine Unity videogame design 600x600
3 D Modeling drafting penny dreadful 600x600
Fabrication robotics 600x600
Projection Mapping Arctic Refuge 600x600
Audio Visual Microsoft CES Video wall Touchscreen 600x600
Spacialized Audio Speaker Design Neighboring Lives 600x600
AR Augmented Reality Tablet Microsoft 600x600
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Our Process

Our unique process is designed to ensure a collaborative relationship between our innovators and your team from concept to deployment or anywhere in between.

Phases of our process
01 - Ideate 02 - Invent 03 - Create 04 - Activate
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Phase 01 - Ideate

Concept - Where it Starts

You come to us with a message and we dream up the delivery. A hand-picked multidisciplinary team of technical, logistical, strategic and creative minds are brought together to answer your questions, research the directive, analyze your goals and dream up the foundation of an engaging and impactful solution.

Planning - Logistical / Financial Considerations

Our team of creative producers and delivery specialists ensure delivery on time, on budget, and to your expectations. At this stage, we set the cadence of the project and define the milestones that will shape the progress and quality of your project throughout its journey.

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Phase 02 - Invent

Design - The Fun Begins

We unleash your concepts to our team of creatives and let them go to work. In this phase, we make the seemingly impossible possible. Using 3D simulations, models, prototypes and technical drawings we push the boundaries of hardware and software capabilities to define the look and feel of the experience fine-tune the story and prove the outcome of the audience journey.

Development - Dreams Meet Reality

Based on our findings from the design stage, we develop our ideas into real-world tests. In this stage, we fine-tune the visitor journey and prove the effectiveness of our concepts.

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Phase 03 - Create

Production - Bring Plans to Life

This phase gives the project a real personality. Our team of creative and physical technologists work together for cohesive experiences that defy expectations.

Installation - The Magic Happens

We take the production on the road and integrate all the pieces together on site. Our technology and engineering teams setup, calibrate, and fine-tune the experience at your location, making sure all systems work together seamlessly and are ready for launch.

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Phase 04 - Activate

Deployment - All Systems Go

Our process doesn’t stop at the first installation. Our delivery team handles all logistics for multi-site exhibits including location scouting, permitting, deinstall/install coordination, and shipping.

Support - Maintain the Magic

Ongoing quality control ensures that every day of the experience is just as jaw-dropping as the launch. Our metrics dashboard tells you everything you need to know about the system health, visitor count, message delivery, user clicks, social media impact, and more.