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Future Colossal incubated a new product that put players in training face to face with real pitchers. Our team developed a suite of immersive tools now used by MLB and NCAA baseball teams to train batters in Virtual Reality.


Future Colossal


Future Colossal


Creative Direction, Experience Design, Product Development


We recreated the real-life physics of pitching, integrating historical and data captured in person in a virtual training space where hitters develop skills including:

  • Pitch Identification
  • Strike Zone Awareness
  • Situational Hitting
  • Plate Discipline

The full experience includes:

  • The HMD Virtual hitting experiences where the bat becomes the experience controller
  • A Tablet Version for Coaches that allows real-time customization of the training session.
  • A physical training environment kit for install in training facilities.

Future Colossal built Monsterful VR’s product suite, then developed, trained and deployed a team to take the experience further post Monsterful VR’s Series A funding.