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Themed Entertainment

Future Colossal is an award-winning innovation lab working with partners worldwide to create the next generation of interactive, immersive theme park attractions.

21st century theme park attendees expect interactive and personalized experiences that connect the virtual world and real world like never before. As a themed entertainment design studio, we work with parks and destinations of all sizes to create permanent and semi-permanent, manned and unmanned, attractions — while employing the highest standards of technical expertise, reliability, testing, redundancy, stability, scalability and documentation.

What we do:

Creative Development

We use 4D sensory technologies to design immersive attractions and environments that inspire audiences.

Interactive Experiences

We engage guests with interactive theme park design, multiuser interactivity and interfaces for individuals or crowds.


We bring software and hardware concepts to life in weeks – then deploy, test and localize them with the same team.


We integrate creative, software, AV and hardware to offer on-site turn-key production applicable to a global scale.

Innovation Consulting

We explore new tech, activate underutilized spaces and future-proof attractions.


We innovate, design, engineer and manufacture products for in-park integration, global roll-out and localization.

Our Experience:

Interested in some of the technologies we’re using in themed entertainment? Get a taste from some of our previous experiences.

Projection Environments

Transport guests to fictional worlds and activate underutilized spaces with high-res projection.

Multiplayer Interactive Surfaces

Use projections and multiplayer touch and gestural screens to elevate unused spaces.

Sensory Immersion

Combine fabrication and 4D sensory technology to create immersive environments.

Tracking & Computer Vision

Personalize creative attractions through system integration and smart systems for destinations.

AI & Interactive Narratives

Integrate AI into interactive narratives for unmanned attractions to immerse guests.

Mixed Reality

Transform outdoor, indoor, manned and unmanned attractions into real world experiences with AR and MR tools.

How will you transport audiences?

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