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Unilever: Degree Disco and Laser Maze


For an antiperspirant technology as revolutionary as the new Degree Dry Spray line, Unilever wanted a high energy NYC press launch event. Agency MKG brought Future Colossal into the mix to create a few unique experiences that would really make people sweat. And thus two ideas were born; a high-tech disco and a stealthy laser maze!






Design & Development


For the Degree Disco we created real-time audio-reactive visuals that were projected above a live DJ. As the DJ pumped beats into the silent disco headphones, a fluid particle simulation, a reference to the Dry Spray, pulsed along in perfect sync with the music. While each dynamic particle in the visualization reacts as its own entity to the music. Using a real-time 3D fluid simulation with over a million independent particles at a resolution of 5760 x 1080, the audio-reactive visuals filled the event with ever-changing wall-to-wall HD projections.

Unilever audio reactive particles event 1000x632
Unilever drylab event doors

The most exciting experience of the night however, was the Laser Maze. Two players competed against each other to stealthily make their way through a maze of lasers to reach the AXE body spray button at the finish. They had to be careful though, because one wrong step and a red flashing alarm would trigger, sending that player back to the beginning. Winners who reached the button first were rewarded with a mini light show and cheers from the crowd.

The laser maze utilized custom built electronics for laser emitters and receivers. These were all controlled independently via micro-controllers, which allowed for a very fast install and de-install. Each laser alarm was connected to a series of LED strips that would animate when triggered and a speaker that would let out the sound of a siren.

For the Unilever launch, our Degree Disco and Laser Maze kept guests dancing all night.