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Inspired by Austin’s tagline, "Keep Austin Weird," AXE saw SXSW as the perfect opportunity to showcase people’s individuality and debut their new product line. Future Colossal, Kinetic, and The Michael Alan Group executed a dynamic campaign using proprietary high-res auto-branding camera system to broadcast real-time photos to a digital billboard at the epicenter of SXSW.






Design & Development


The campaign deployed a group of photographers to roam SXSW with our proprietary auto-brand cameras. These photographers approached festival-goers who loved the opportunity to show off their authentic style for AXE. They would then select a pre-designed brand message to caption their photo and send it to themselves for social sharing - all from the camera's touch screen. Their photo was then instantly transmitted to the digital display. Excited by seeing their own face on the larger-than-life display, many shared additional photos of the billboard on social media.

The activation empowered participants to find their magic, and with 8,000 measurable interactions the campaign was an instant hit.

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Axe Billboard

By creating an experiential event, we bypassed SXSW's strict ban on billboards and bulletins, making AXE the only digital out-of-home screen in downtown Austin during the festival.

This campaign extended beyond a traditional out-of-home campaign, by activating as a mobile experience and amplifying the campaign on social media.

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