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Cosmic Camp – an Intergalactic Interactive Family Adventure


Camp, a family experience store brought us in to develop a unique theme park concept focused exclusively on family play. Using an arcade as inspiration we concepted and developed the advanced technologies that would immerse families in play and point winning in a seamless manner. Once the theme of space was launched, this allowed the out-of-this-world experience, Cosmic Camp, to blast into numerous Camp Store locations and dazzle guests of all ages.






Concept, Design, Development, Projection Mapping, AV & Install


The core of Cosmic Camp's design is conceived on what we call playground mechanics. Using the narrative-based theme, space, we created an immersive experience where there is no start or end to any interaction. Users can go anywhere / do anything and jump between interactives without having to focus on rule sets.

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Wearable Positional Tracking

Empowering imagination and physical play for all ages was a big challenge. To solve this, we developed diversified gameplay to engage and reward users of all ages through our custom wearable tracking solution. This allowed us to not limit their exploration or gameplay to traditional game reward structures, but instead allow technology to track the players and award points based on their actions seamlessly. Younger kids can explore and play using their own imaginations, while still offering a game-like structure to engage older kids and parents. Both still result in arcade-like point rewards and a sense of achievement for any age.

From leaping from rock to rock on the lava field, tossing asteroids into the black hole, or smashing buttons on the spaceship control console, every action resulted in a gain or loss of points through their physical and digital interactions.

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Comic Camp Lava Field
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The Experience

The experience's mission is to help Camp's very own Scout the Bear collect his lost space coins! Before launching into space, each user receives their wearable positional tracking device, aka a communicator bracelet. This allows the guest to collect AR coins scattered throughout the space for points or interact with any game as they go.

Technologies such as lidar, custom electronics, physical computing, projection mapping and more, allow the user to tackle custom experiences in the deep space, ice caves, lava fields, space stations, desert planet, and moon before hitting the space shuttle back to earth to see who collected the most coins (points).

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Cosmiccamp landing

This tech-intensive project utilized 30 computers, 30 projectors, and 12 lidar sensors to create over 12 space-themed experiences. Using AR, Positional Tracking, Lidar & Capacitive Sensing, Projection-Mapping, Custom Controllers, Computer Vision, Facial Tracking, and Game Engine technology, Cosmic Camp was truly a tech-filled-out-of-this-world experience!