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CAMP x Disney's Mickey and Friends: An Extra Big Adventure


What would happen if you and your companions were accidentally shrunk to the size of a crayon?

In 2022, Future Colossal had the opportunity to once again partner with CAMP, and this time we were tasked with bringing their Walt Disney Company Mickey Mouse & Friends experience to life through stunning audiovisuals and clever use of custom AV technology. Guests were invited to help Mickey and the gang with a humongous problem right before Mickey’s birthday party, no small feat indeed.






Production, Creative Direction, Technology Partner, Installation AV, Experience Design, Development


Goofy accidentally shrinks his friends in the CAMP Party Cabin, and guests must embark on a journey during Mickey's party, through rooms filled with giant presents, a massive wall of hot dogs, and larger than life interactive technology. Guests collect hidden microchips throughout the experience in order to unlock the Shrink Ray so they can unshrink themselves just in time for a dance party with Mickey and friends.


"It’s like a Disney speakeasy for kids. Navigating through the space you’ll get to interact with fun slides, toys, and the precious Disney aura that will have you feeling nostalgic and all cozy inside simultaneously”

— Anna Rahamanan (TimeOut)

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A network of video display devices, projectors and custom hardware components connected to the Experience Controller Application – a custom software designed to operate, time and trigger various content, projection mappings and physical computing components, as well as monitor the health of each device on the network and allow for remote control of every aspect of the experience – helped bring to life Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto on an interactive rambunctious adventure to have some fun and save the day!

Our massive network had 7 TV screens playing in perfect sync, a corner to corner six projector stitched animation as our finale and a fan triggered at the perfect time for a ride in a giant hotdog tray.


“This experience is perfect for young kids”

— Bustle / Elite Daily

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Hundreds of families weekly had the chance to have this wonderful immersive experience and create enchanted memories of CAMP and Disney's experience.