Fifty50: Title IX 50th Anniversary


How do you celebrate women athletes who advocate for women’s rights?

In 2022 Future Colossal was tapped to design and develop three experiences that would highlight the stories of women who excelled as athletes and advocated for women’s rights. The exhibit, regarding Fifty50, an initiative by ESPN to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the landmark federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any educational institution that receives federal funding and gives women the equal opportunity to play.


Terry Hines & Associates




Experience Design, Motion Graphics, Creative Direction, Development, Production


“This is an important milestone for Title IX and we wanted to find creative ways to celebrate it across ESPN and the Walt Disney Company”

— Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman, ESPN and Sports Content

Serena Williams

The first piece, on the topic of Serena Williams advocating for women’s rights while dominating in her category and wearing outfits that defy expectations, consisted in an 8’ tall lightbox that contained one of Serena’s famous outfits.

In front, in place of regular glass FC placed a transparent touch screen with an animated interface that helped guests navigate through her story and the timeline of her outfits, as well as how the world and the Tennis Federation reacted to them.​

The goal was to emphasize the contrast between the negative comments and media vs. the positive ones and provide information on the inspiration of the outfits by using visually impressive graphics and motion inspired on the outfits themselves.

Wyomia Tyus

The second piece celebrates Wyomia Tyus and her activism and consisted of an exciting edit of her accomplishments and her story, displayed as one composition on three separate screens. Tyus herself attended the opening event and witnessed this piece celebrating her.

IMG 3282 min
Google Shorts

The third piece, sponsored by Google, highlighted the stories of young women across multiple sports that fought for their rights as women. The stories were told through a series of short documentaries. Future Colossal designed and built an interface that allowed guests to interact and listen to these stories via a touch screen.


“This is wonderful”

— Wyomia Tyus


Using cutting edge technology like the transparent touch screen and leading digital signage media players Future Colossal managed to bring forth the stories of women who, despite dominating in their chosen sports, had to fight further for equality and women’s rights.

Select Features / Technology

  • Two Leading digital signage media players.
  • 8-foot-tall transparent touch screen.
  • 8-foot tall lightbox.
  • Custom video player application.
  • Custom created motion graphics.
  • Three state of the art HD displays
  • Three HD touchscreens
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The stories portrayed in this exhibit have the benefit of serving as role models for other women in a multitude of industries and positions.