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What do you get when you blend 100 years of tradition with fresh agave plants?

In 2022, Future Colossal was asked to create a party experience based on the traditional game of Lotería, for an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the brand, Cazadores Tequila. The game was designed to take inspiration from the familiar game to highlight how deeply enmeshed in tradition the product is.


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Cazadores Tequila


Experience Design, Application Development, Creative Direction, User Interface Design

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Future Colossal created an online, multiplayer web-based game of Lotería using standard web stack (HTML, CSS and vanilla Javascript) along with brand assets and graphics. The backend and web-socket architecture was carried out using node.js along with Socket.IO.

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Using a standard web stack and node.js we designed an experience that highlighted the pillars of the Cazadores brand while engaging 300+ guests in a fun activity and giving them an opportunity to win major prizes.

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The application works in conjunction between three distinct parts - the host, the server, and the player.

Server: All the backend functionality like controlling the game states, validating winners, and tracking player progress is controlled by the server.

Host: This was projected on a big screen in the space for people to see which cards are being called out. Players would join the game on their devices from a QR code shown on this welcome screen. When the game session starts, it displays the game board and a new random card is called out from a brand customized deck of 54 loteria cards every few seconds.

Player: When users first open this page they are assigned a username and a randomized board of 16 cards from the deck. A winning pattern is declared on the large screen in the venue as well as highlighted on the player's devices. As cards are drawn, players can select the ones they own in their deck and when they have all four cards in that pattern selected they can claim victory, leading to a celebratory moment for all the guests on the large screen.


Introduced and / or cemented the Cazadores brand image and style into the minds of 300+ guests at the celebration event.