Children and parents viewing the Gingerbread BLVD experience
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Taste of Home: Gingerbread Blvd. Touchless House


For the third year of Gingerbread Boulevard in Madison Square Park, Taste of Home sought to make their installation bigger and better than ever. AREA4 called upon Future Colossal to bring their gingerbread house to life with our version of holiday magic.




Taste of Home


Design, Content, Development, AV


Using two short-throw projectors, four computers, and four Kinects, we projected custom art onto the interior of the gingerbread structure transforming it into a whimsical candy home. Tracking ever person that entered the room, visitors interacted with the interior through proximity and gestures.

A wave of a hand magically transformed the scene, a sparkling trail indicating the visitor has left the banal behind. Kids and adults alike twirled giant lollipops, played with gingerbread people, and interacted with holiday characters that appeared in the window. Visitors loved decorating the Christmas tree with candy canes, popping popcorn for garlands, playing with the steam emitting from the Folgers coffee cup, and much more. Each interaction was paired with charming sounds while the scent of sweet gingerbread cookies filled the space to evoke warm childhood memories.

Gingerbread blvd interactive tiny home
Gingerbread blvd interactive tiny home wall

Families from across the country shared their holiday photos with #HolidayHeritage to have their photos displayed inside the house for visitors to see.

Nearly 20,000 visitors interacted with the house 1.47 million times in the 12 days the activation was live during the holiday season in Madison Square Park. The popular activation received attention from the press including; Good Morning America, Huffington Post, Time Out New York, and Eventmarketer.