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Delta Airlines: Futbol Fiesta


Future Colossal was tasked to promote the alliance of Delta Airlines and Aeromexico in partnership with the Mexican National Team by creating an exciting and memorable fan experience utilizing experiential tech and shareable moments.




Delta Airlines + Aeromexico


Creative Direction, Experience Design, Development, AV, Installation, Logistics


Future Colossal designed a larger-than-life duffel bag to house our experience complete with a giant Team Mexico jersey & a massive mobile phone. We also provided a unique photo-op that superimposed an exciting mosaic of MNT moments or a pristine Delta sky on the participants in a fun and shareable short Instagram clip.

The main feature was our Ball-Kick Map, which utilized motion capture, projection-mapping, and depth sensing to give players a chance to kick balls around the world competing for high scores and a chance to win free tickets to Mexico!