Pepsi: Mixed Reality HoloPop

OMD's Ignition Factory
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PepsiCo is one of many brands embracing the potential of HoloLens and Mixed Reality technologies for advertising  and experiential activation.  Working with Ignition Factory, Future Colossal conceived an experience that showcased these technologies to PepsiCo's brands and partners as part of their annual Digital Summit. Using a HoloLens, guests activated a gesture based holographic game that emerged from an actual Pepsi can.



Pepsi HoloPop is a mixed reality game we developed on the Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality platform that lets users engage with the Pepsi brand in a new and playful manner that combines real life and virtual objects.

Players bounce a virtual ball at a Pepsi can using the simple HoloLens airtap gesture. Their aim must be just right, because the Pepsi can is surrounded by a force field and robots that crawl on the physical table. Players gain points by hitting the can and other floating Pepsi logos. Their success is rewarded with an enjoyable burst of giggling Pepsimojis.

As one of the first developers to receive the Microsoft HoloLens, we’ve become well versed in the potential of Mixed Reality, and enjoyed working with PepsiCo to showcase the future of interactive brand experiences.