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Mastercard: #Priceless AR at Saks


As part of their #Priceless campaign, MasterCard sponsored the famous Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Show. MasterCard wanted to create a photo memento for shoppers to take their experience home, but felt that a green screen would be a bulky, off-brand intrusion in Saks Fifth Avenue. Our solution? Redefine the green screen by developing proprietary algorithms that create the same effect without the actual screen.






Design & Development

Saks holiday photobooth group

We engineered the Holiday Photo Booth to give shoppers a green screen photo experience without the unsightly green screen. Instead, our Holiday Photo Booth matched the Saks Fifth Avenue’s upscale brand aesthetic. As shoppers approached the photo booth, they used a tablet to select one of eight Saks Fifth Avenue holiday storefronts as their background.

Using custom background detection software, depth sensors, and a whole lot of image processing, shoppers saw themselves augmented on the screen in real-time. Photos could be emailed or texted for easy social sharing and were printed out on the spot for shoppers to take home.

Saks users interacting with experience