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To build excitement for the release of The Legend of Tarzan, Warner Bros. and Giant Spoon commissioned Future Colossal to create a physically immersive experience that would give users the opportunity to feel what it's like to walk in Tarzan's footsteps. More immersive than a virtual recreation, our "analogue VR" jungle toured across the US and international markets, bringing the jungle to over 16,000 fans. Utilizing physical computing, programmable wind, custom scents, faux jungle plants, and expertly placed mirrors, users truly felt like they were lost in the middle of the vast Gabonese jungle.


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Concept Design, Development, AV, Shipping and Logistics

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Combining our architectural background and expertise in immersive technologies, we re-created Tarzan's jungle in infinite proportions and brought it to the streets of eight markets in the US, Canada, and Mexico. From the outside the experience looked like a small 10' x 10' shipping container. Once fans stepped inside they found themselves in an infinitely large jungle.

Hidden cameras captured photos of fans as they explored Tarzan's jungle. As they exited, they could then instantly share their photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, or SMS via tablets stationed outside the experience, which resulted in an incredible 98% social share rate. Many fans opted to earn extra time inside the jungle by live-streaming their experience on Facebook. Their experiences were viewed over 100,000 times!

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Research & Development

We worked with Tarzan's jungle film consultant to ensure that every aspect of the experience was authentic. Using custom optics, mirrors, 10 channels of audio, 20 programmable fans, dynamic lighting, and custom-designed scents users felt as if they were transported to the Gabonese jungle with Tarzan. The foliage was accurate to Gabonese plant life; animal sounds came from field recordings used in the film; air handling, humidifiers, and a fog machine maintained a specific atmosphere; and scents accurately portrayed the smell of the jungle.

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Man inside the Tarzan experience
Sensory Experience

Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and memories, so it was important that we recreated the smell of the Gabonese jungle for the experience. After having the smell finely described to us, we started mixing and testing different scent combinations to create an exact match. The final mixture was composed of hunting cover-up scents, fern, various minerals found in fresh earth, squirrel urine, and bear urine. The result was a huge success, with the President of Gabon declaring that the experience felt just like home.


Our Infinity Jungle caught the attention of Discovery VR, who produced a virtual reality video using footage from inside our jungle. Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival host, Grady Power, praised the experience's authenticity stating, "They brought the jungle to the city... It's just like when I was in the jungle...This is awesome!". The experience even warranted a visit from Tarzan himself (Alexander Skarsgård), Margot Robbie, and the rest of the Tarzan cast.