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Communicating Megatrends to Global Decision Makers

For EY’s annual innovation conference, Innovation Realized, Future Colossal created two interactive concepts capable of breaking-down complex EY insights into easily digestible experiences for hundreds of the world’s top C-level executives and attendees.






Design, Development, AV, Installation

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The Digital Innovation Product Suite

For EY’s Digital Innovation Product Suite, we attracted viewers to the experience space by transforming icons representative of different trends into the user’s silhouettes as they approached.

This double-sided experience included interactive screens and motion capture to guide users into the area. Combining customized graphics, interactive charts, and information systems that revealed insights about major trends, the suite was a venue for delegates to explore the major global economic trends affecting the next year.

Once inside the suite, we featured a central control structure that when turned, would synchronize all interior visuals, lighting, and sales content, giving EY representatives the ability to customize their presentations for each client.

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The Upside of Disruption Framework

To allow attendees to explore EY’s annual report on megatrends in the global economic ecosystem- we created an interactive wall experience. Located where participants would see it most often in the central corridor for the event.

We created our experience for this high to convey the principles of a complex framework in the amount of time it took to traverse the experience; allowing for bite-sized or open-ended interactions to explore this complex topic.

Users passing by would set off a series of chain reactions of lights and messages that visually outlined the framework's core concepts in a manner that both entertained and informed every attendee, serving as an amazing conversation starter between EY representatives and attendees.

  • The Digital Product Suite was customized by brand ambassadors to explore concepts over 25,000 times
  • Over 2000 attendees stopped for more than 1 minute to explore our interactive wall
  • 8 global economic megatrends communicated effectively to the world's top C-Level executives
  • Attendees understood how 3 major market forces will affect their companies in 2019 and beyond