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UCLA Health: Staples Center Projection Wall


Connecting participants with UCLA Health

With over 180 locations across Southern California, UCLA Health was voted California’s #1 best hospital for its cutting-edge services. To raise awareness of UCLA Health’s wide range of locations, Wasserman brought on Future Colossal to help them connect with people visiting the Staples Center.




UCLA Health


Design, Development, Installation, AV

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ucla health users interacting side view
UCLA Health Staples Center

Future Colossal created an installation that allows Staples Center attendees to see themselves transformed into interactive reimaginings of the human body as part of a multi-user projection experience.

As participants walk by our “X-Ray” projection wall, they see projected bodies shadowing their movements.

Not only do individuals get to see their bodies come to life and respond to their actions, but they can interact with 20+ people to create tableaus. We’re so excited to see these crowd tracking technologies we’ve been refining with themed entertainment partners come to life in out-of-home experiences.

WLA screenshots
  • Interactive X-Ray wall with muscular model
  • 12,000 Lumen UHD 4K projector
  • Ultra-short throw lens
  • Depth-tracking cameras
  • Remote Monitoring & Support

This ongoing, updating projection installation is running throughout 2020. Foot traffic averages 18,000 attendees per event and over a million attendees per year.