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Excited by another opportunity to work together, Warner Bros. called upon Future Colossal to once again give fans a chance to step inside another cinematic world. For their upcoming disaster-themed film, Geostorm, Warner Bros. invited individuals from all over the world to step into our interactive simulation of a raging storm.


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Simultaneously rolled out across three continents, the activation materialized as a custom fabricated 10'x5' booth. Powerful fans, haze machines, booming subwoofers, and flashing lights filled the storm simulator, with all effects linked together and managed by our proprietary control box.

Hit with the storm’s buffeting winds and rain, fan reactions were captured from multiple angles to create a variety of branded takeaways to prove they have what it takes to brave the shock of the storm.

Safely outside the booth, fans could also experience being one of the hackers from the film. Wielding a touchscreen interface attached to the simulator, they controlled the storm that raged inside.

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Feeling the pull of the storm, over 5,500 individuals braved the simulator and shared their experience via tablets stationed outside the booth. Their videos were featured on popular YouTube and Weibo channels and received nearly 1 million hits.

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