Microsoft CrowdPaint

The Michael Alan Group
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Design, Development, Experiential Design Consultant


Microsoft wanted an experience installed at big box retail stores worldwide to showoff the new Inking tools in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and increase sales of their Surface tablet. To help achieve this, they turned to Future Colossal to concept and realize an experience to fit their needs. 



Using a custom built application that takes advantage of the Microsoft Surface touch screen and stylus, shoppers color directly onto 3D models in an intuitive and enjoyable manner.  The shoppers coloring was dynamically assisted to make it easier for them to color within the lines of the model while still having full control over their artwork.

Once the shopper's masterpiece is complete, the can “launch” it into space and onto a large public display, in the center of the store.  Multiple Surface devices displayed in the store can be interacted with at once; allowing illustrations launched from different Surface devices to uniquely animate into the same display. Animated characters continue to explore the planet and even interact with each other, such as the UFO beaming up astronauts and black holes sucking everything away to a far off land. This shared display allows for multiple experience touch points and a unified user experience. 

Shoppers get to test out the impressive Microsoft Surface line and Inking tools while having a personal experience with the brand by seeing their artwork animate and come to life. If they choose, they’ll also receive a copy of their image in a branded email to take the retail experience home and share with others.