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Accenture Interactive Hives


At Accenture’s brand-new headquarters located in the heart of Manhattan, Future Colossal created nine interactive "hives” for nine different business units. Each business unit is constantly analyzing their industry focus, to consult on how best to utilize current and future technologies to move into the future of that industry.

The hives stimulate Accenture’s clients’ curiosity while providing the docents with a striking, interactive, visual representation of their current talking points.






Production, Creative Direction, Installation AV, Experience Design, Development, Fabrication, Graphic Design, Motion Design

Project Features

The nine hives were designed using technology specifically customized to showcase the innovation that Accenture can provide within each business category. Interactive shelves mimicking a store, display digital content on consumer trends and the future of retail spaces. Repurposed, stock exchange tickers bring the guest from current day financial market spaces, into the Accenture vision of what finance can and should be.

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5G AR Window

The 5G AR WINDOW brings the future of 5G to life on the Manhattan skyline as seen from Accenture’s offices. Using a high-definition camera hidden behind the screen, this touch-screen interactive display intelligently highlights various locations that have use cases for 5G technology now, and into the future.
Built to be completely self-standing, this scalable AR Window technology allows the docent or a self-guided guest to directly interact with how 5G will transform New York City and the world we live in.

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Finance Forward

At idle, the Finance Forward hive displays financial and stock data in real time with its Wall Street style LED tickers and 10 independent screens. When a docent or a user interacts with the dial or voice recognition to select a topic, the entire space comes to life as a single giant screen with visually stunning transitions that resonate with brand content. This alternation between fragmented visualization and immersive, full-space videos is what makes this space so unique and mesmerizing.

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Smart Living 2

The Smart Living 2 space invites users to contemplate both the local and the global, pairing a spherical display of the world with a fabricated map of New York City. The available content shows how harnessing data can lead to better sustainability.

The globe is an interactive touch screen display, allowing users to explore how Accenture helps communities stay well. The user can select between multiple hot spots, triggering brand content on both 65" screens, as well as the LED backlights of the structure.

The structure itself is a map of the island of Manhattan, custom fabricated from steel and designed to not require wall anchoring. Dynamic lighting from LED strips creates extensive heat maps and data visualizations, based on real data and overlayed on the relevant portions of Manhattan.

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New Consumer

The New Consumer hive features a museum-like custom built form, housing three screens and sixteen custom 3D-printed objects. When the user interacts with one of eight “Smart Objects”, RFID sensors placed in the object itself trigger object-specific content on screen. The other eight objects, called “Virtual Objects” trigger content as well, but add a 3D on-screen that copies the real-life object and its rotation.

This concept helps illustrate how stores and retail spaces of the future will be able to engage their clients through advanced technology.

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Life Science

The Life Science experience is a vibrant, laboratory-inspired space, featuring a custom-designed video LED art installation. Revealed across a series of double-sided LED “test tubes”, the colors change with evolving LED animations, shifting from a collective cacophony of color to clear, bright, sharp images.

Triggered by a docent, a series of animated videos regarding the foundational, transformational, and aspirational aspects of Accenture’s New Science initiatives play across multiple displays. Guests can interact with the screens themselves, while a custom application allows the docent to “take over" the users’ screens as facilitation requires.

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Human Potential

The Human Potential hive is a single wrap around screen made from ten industrial grade LED screens with ultra-small bezels, accompanied by a separate touchscreen for the docent capable of switching between different scenes and displaying relevant talking points and images.

Additionally, there are user detection sensors which trigger a custom algorithm, dividing the video wall in a dynamic Voronoi diagram and giving users the ability to control the content of each of its cells. Each cell populates with brand content and has the ability to expand, contract and even react to user movement by utilizing our in-house custom solution for LiDAR based positional tracking.

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The Cloud experience acts as a teaser for a workshop, creating a narrative arc and physical path to bring the guests to the demonstration space. Custom made and RGB printed carpets guide users towards the screens, while strategically placed sensors detect human figures and trigger the content.

Once activated, the self-standing, dual-screened monoliths bring six different key concepts to life in a confined space. Guests see themselves represented as a point cloud that is used to visualize key drivers and statistics of Accenture's Cloud services.

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Digital Health

The Digital Health hive features high contrast LED panels, a custom designed steel structure, and cut-to-size tempered two-way-mirror offering an interactive area measuring more than 90 square feet. Facing the beautiful view of the Manhattan Skyline, two side mirrors complete the installation, captivating passersby and guided tours alike.

At idle, a digital fog covers the interactive area, responding to users' position and motion. After the user stops in front of the mirror for a short time, the fog clears to activate brand messaging and reveal the reflection.

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