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At Home Experiential Products

Future Colossal is an award-winning innovation lab. Our team of experience designers, developers and engineers create unique experiences for the world's biggest brands

We work with brands to build emotional memories through creative use of technologies. With experience in live events, themed entertainment and OOH marketing, our team of technical experts knows how to deliver that level of excitement to devices at your audience's fingertips.

Winter lodge snowball game
Microsoft Stranger Things Hero
Jayz hero
Microsoft Stranger Things Victory

What we do:

Interactive Experiences

We engage guests with interactive design, multiuser interactivity and interfaces for individuals or crowds.


We design and iterate products fast for software, hardware, products and creative experiences.

Connected Installations

We build online activations that let users create, share and engage, in person or remotely.

Game Design Development

We design and develop single and multiplayer games for browser, mobile and XR platforms.


We create new digital and physical products and scale them to global distribution with our partners.

Augmented Reality

We connect the digital and real world keyed to markers or markerless systems.

Example: Browser-Based Tracking

Future Colossal works with a variety of tracking tools to create browser-based interactive experiences.

  • Body tracking - where you play the experience with your whole body, and the webcam tracks your body position or gestures.
  • Facial tracking- where animations interact with your face in real time
  • Object Tracking Identifying specific objects and their movements with or without pre-existing markers.

Technologies like these become the seeds of social, multiplayer games, generate UGC and much, much more.

Thought Starters

These tracking tools can engage users in space - or products and objects - with or without pre-existing visual markers. These tools can create connected experiences that allow users to play together, track movements on board games, customize or create images and videos wearing their favorite toys. These creative game connect physical objects, and the players’ whole bodies directly through browsers or to customized mobile apps.

Using the webcam on your computer or mobile device and follow the instructions to see the differences between body position tracking, gestural tracking and facial tracking.


  • Using browser-enabled machine learning the system finds your body, hands and face.
  • Your movements will trigger different interactions in the system.
  • These tools can integrate with video, streaming, website and larger game experiences.
  • Adaptable to single-user or multiplayer experiences.

Our Experience:

Interested in some of the technologies we’re using for in-home experiences? Get a taste from some of our previous projects.

Branded Game Experiences

Bring the world of your brand to life in fun games for single or multiple players delivered to their at-home devices – like Microsoft 1.11 for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Multiplayer Brand Activations

Engaging participants with collaborative and competitive experiences in the same room or remotely – like in this experience for Microsoft Crowdpaint – but delivered to at home devices.

Prototyping & Product Design

We develop digital, virtual and physical products, like this batting simulator we incubated that is now in use by professional sports teams.

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