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Budweiser: World Cup Man-of-the-Matchbot


For the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Future Colossal created the most engaged-with and shared content for Budweiser at the World Cup using 19 custom-built & international travel-ready robots from scratch. To ensure that the Man of the Match for each game was recognized, Future Colossal set up customized, robotic camera solutions operated in all World Cup stadiums by brand ambassadors.


Octagon/ Budweiser




Design, Development, Deployment


Our Bud-Bots were tasked with interacting with thousands of fans and focused on the most impressive players of each game voted the ‘Man of the Match’. Installed in each stadium, the rigs were the first post-game stop, capturing the most exclusive footage of modern soccer-gods such as Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, and Neymar during one of the most viewed sporting events in broadcast history.

Each Bud-Bot was built with utilizing smart phones, using custom-made 3D printed pieces and stepper motors to provide 3 Degrees-of-Freedom. The videos generated needed to be consistent in quality and delivery and made available in a matter of seconds. The content, depending on the location, was then made social ready for fans immediately and packaged for professional editors on on-demand at the end of each match for international social sharing. ​

Ronaldo holding trophy
Messi holding trophy

The Bud-Bots successfully captured the Man of the Match immediately after they left the game pitch and distributed animated graphics localized to all global markets for broadcast and social media.

  • 64 Man of the Matches captured, across 16 cities
  • 13 activations and 12 world-class stadiums
  • Our robots put up impressive numbers generating over 50 million online social engagements.​
Player holding trophy