Future Colossal presents JAY-Z: GOLD 4K fluid simulation

JAY-Z: Gold

Parlux, JAY-Z
Our Role
Development, Experiential Design Consultant


For the launch of JAY Z GOLD fragrance, KBS asked Future Colossal to help realize their vision for the brand. Utilizing face tracking and Kinect depth sensors, we gave pedestrians the ability to splash around in liquid gold, we built the first and only real-time fluid simulation of its kind. As pedestrians interacted with the display their silhouette would absorb the gold to reveal branding below. Brought to life in 4K resolution, the resulting high-definition interaction captured all the luxurious details that define pure gold. 

The largest technological challenge hurdle was creating a full screen view of a responsive, smooth, and reflective gold surface with enough detail to support 4K resolution. When full screen fluid simulations are used for movies or TV it takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes per frame to render. We accomplished the same amount of graphic processing within 1/30th of a second to create Jay Z's liquid gold. 

Below is a close look at an early version of our particle system-based fluid simulation. This was one of many steps necessary to solve the project challenge. 

The following video gives you a sense of user experience and the mesmerizing liquid simulation. 

Of note, without 4K resolution the screen capture below can only hint at the look of the gold's smooth and reflective surface.  

Future Colossal - JAY-Z: Gold Molten gold fluid simulation