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To promote the launch of the new fragrance Jay-Z GOLD, we built a shiny interactive Black Friday experience to grab shoppers attention on the busiest shopping day of the year outside of Macy’s Herald Square. Shoppers got the opportunity to play in real-time, fluid gold at a beautiful 4k resolution – a never before, or since, accomplished feat.

With the use of advanced tracking technology, Kinect depth sensing in connection with fluid magnetism, and a 7ft 4k display, passing shoppers saw their silhouettes ripple through liquid gold that they could splash around in, jump up and down, and push side to side. The gold absorbed into their silhouettes resulting in a reflected golden image of the shoppers on-screen.

Once the gold was all soaked up, the product branding underneath was exposed. A call to action drove shoppers to share #JAYZGOLD photos and videos, and step inside Macy’s to purchase the product.




Parlux, Jay-Z


Development, Experiential Design Consultant


When full-screen fluid simulations are used for movies or TV it takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes per frame to render. We accomplished the same amount of graphic processing within 1/30th of a second to create Jay-Z's liquid gold.

Not only did we need to create a responsive liquid simulation, we created a full-screen view of a responsive, smooth, and reflective gold surface with enough detail to support 4K resolution.

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Smoothly rendering the motion of the participant in real time the liquid simulation, the effect is instantaneous. The wash of liquid gold flows over the product and branding at times featuring the brand logo, and at others, allowing the user to play and explore their own elegant movements. The experience is both hypnotic and photogenic and over 143,000 visitors engaged, took photos, and filmed videos to share to social media.