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Future Colossal is an award-winning innovation lab. Our team of experience designers, developers and engineers create unique experiences for the world’s biggest brands, theme parks and product companies.

Whether it’s a new AR experience to update or expand an existing product line or creating a customized online tool to help people connect, customize, and play together - our team of technical experts knows how to deliver excitement to devices at your audience’s fingertips.

What we do:

At Home Experiences

We bring cutting edge technology to personal devices on the web, mobile apps, VR, AR, XR, and more…

AR & Browser Based Tracking

We can use webcams to track participants on browsers to connect the digital and real world.

Instructional Experiences

We work with major brands to communicate complex topics in engaging experiences for promotion and e-detailing.

Connected Installations

We add data, interactivity and animations to streaming for meetings or presentations.

Game Design & Development

We create games and quizzes that delight and inform for single or multiple players for all platforms.


We understand regulatory parameters and will work with your needs to include, exclude or anonymize data collection.

Past Experience

We’ve worked with many pharmaceutical clients in the past, and understand the needs of confidentiality. Get a taste of our previous work in these publicly visible examples.

Branded Game Experiences

Bring information to life in quizzes and games for single or multiple players delivered to their at-home devices – like our Microsoft 1.11 for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Interactive Instructional Experiences

We know how to make complex information come to life in experiences - Like these installations we create for EY Innovation Realized - delivered at home or at events.

Pharma Advertising Experiences

We’ve worked with a variety of pharmaceutical clients, and understand the needs of this critical industry when communicating to medical professionals and the public.

At Home Experiences

Future Colossal works with a variety of tracking tools to create browser-based interactive experiences to connect people with digital spaces to learn and play.

  • Biometrics using mobile devices, our experiences can monitor and respond to wide range of biometric health data.
  • Body and Facial Tracking experiences that respond to the users’ motions in space by tracking their body, gestures or facial expressions.
  • Object Tracking Identifying specific objects and their movements with or without pre-existing markers.

Enhanced Online Meetings

Create a customized, streaming experience to use with your teams’ preferred platforms with broadcast quality graphics and animations that allow you to bring up data, diagrams, and animated explainers at your fingertips.

These tools can create connected experiences that allow users to play together, track movements on board games, customize or create images and videos wearing their favorite toys. These creative game connect physical objects, and the players’ whole bodies directly through browsers or to customized mobile apps.

Thought Starters

Using creative technologies experiences like these can:

  • Simulate how medical conditions affect patients bodies - on the user’s body
  • Show how a patient would perform an at-home treatment using step-by-step instructions
  • Enhance online meeting suites with broadcast television level graphics, animations and data suites
  • Help people understand new products through interactive quizzes and games

AR Instructional Experiences

Using their mobile device, a user goes to a website and uses their webcam to start the experience. Using their hand motions, the experience walks the patient through how to apply a treatment, mapping progress and giving important insights.

Connected Games & Tools

Connecting to biometric data in mobile devices, create games, quizzes and experiences that integrate health data without sharing it. Using their own bodies, let users explore conditions, treatments and what’s going on in their bodies.

How will you engage patients and professionals?

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