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IBM: Think Conference


IBM Think is a first-of-its-kind business and technology event showcasing IBM products, with inspiring sessions, engaging conversations, and revolutionary keynotes. This year, IBM and George P. Johnson asked Future Colossal to create engaging content that would showcase their Power 9, Quantum, and Z technologies.


George P. Johnson




Creative Direction, Experience Design, Development, AV, Installation, Logistics

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To increase user engagement with the content, we employed our custom software to trigger videos when individuals entered and exited the space. Kinect lasers tracked the movement of conference-goers as they come into the proximity of the screen. Once an individual was in range, the product content would play.

The custom product reels were created, in conjunction with George P Johnson, to best speak to the audience of the conference. Hosting over 40,000 attendees our data-driven, but human-centered, approach yielded pleasant product reels that told a story. Over the course of the three-day conference, the Quantum reel was triggered over 1000 times.