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For Super Bowl LII, the Target Plaza Commons space was opened to the public and transformed into the Bullseye Lodge. Decked out with a Minnesota-inspired theme and filled with exciting activities, Future Colossal worked with Wasserman Media Group to bring a personalized experience to the event that would make fans the star of the show.

Inspired by iconic touchdown celebrations like the Ickey Shuffle and the Dirty Bird, fans were given the opportunity to record their best touchdown dance and watch it be projected from the top of Target Plaza!


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Utilizing the skeletal tracking features of a Kinect, fans were recorded storming our mini-field outside of the Bullseye Lodge and celebrating crossing the goal line for a touchdown.

The recordings were then sent to the LED screen at the top of Target Plaza where their touchdown dances lit up the city skyline from one of the tallest buildings in downtown Minneapolis!

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For optimal projection, the touchdown fan experience was available for 9 nights leading up to Superbowl LII. Over the course of the activation, over 1,800 touchdown celebrations were projected from Target Plaza.

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