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NetApp: Escape to Flash Social VR


NetApp and iDEKO commissioned a custom Virtual Reality experience to empower their field marketing managers on the sales floor by adding a fun, interactive experience to their sales strategy.

To wow their existing and potential customer base, Future Colossal created a multi-player mobile VR escape-the-room game. This multiplayer VR interactive game was used as a door opener to both entertain and educate about the benefits of NetApp flash storage products.






Design, Development, Fabrication, Shipping, Voice Over

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The game takes one to six players into a connected virtual data storage network to solve puzzles as a team. This social VR experience breaks down barriers typical one-on-one sales settings create, whether at a conference, prospect’s office, or a local pub.

To house and transport the experience, we custom fabricated a fully self-contained sales kit that stored all game equipment in a safe, shippable, carry-on sized case. The case, an experience in itself, included laser effects, room lighting, a tablet based narrator interface, dedicated WiFi, batteries with charging capabilities for all devices, and everything needed for a traveling experience.

The on-brand ambient lighting in the case and futuristic narrator helped field marketing managers set the scene and immerse users in their Escape to Flash experience.