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Ignition Factory commissioned Future Colossal to produce an environmentally conscious activation that could travel the country to promote the release of Naked Pressed. Taking on the challenge, we created a solar powered vehicle with a 10-foot interactive display and an automated juice dispenser. 75,662 watt hours. 3,100 miles. 4,400 bottles of Naked Pressed. The experience drove from New York to LA, promoting sustainability at SXSW in Austin for five days before parking at the Santa Monica Pier for a weekend finale.


Ignition Factory (OMD)


Naked Juice


Design, Development, Fabrication, Shipping and Logistics, Videography

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We utilized a hybrid delivery truck as a base for the multiplayer experience, decked out with a solar panel system to power the interactive components of the game. The solar array generated enough energy each day to power up to two houses while doubling as an awning to shield players from the sun and rain.

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Naked juice solar truck gameplay
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Naked juice solar truck interaction
Naked Juice Truck
Naked juice solar truck touchscreen
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Naked Juice Truck Screen
The Game

The game pitted three players against each other, using wireless gestures and touch displays to control falling produce. At the end of each game the player that captured and juiced the most produce was announced as the winner and bottles of juice were automatically dispensed from of the side of the vehicle.