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ZTE: Axon Launch Experience


ZTE USA unveiled their first flagship phone, the Axon, at a launch party in New York City produced by experiential agency WCMG with the help of Future Colossal. The exclusive press event gave attendees a first look at the new device before it went on pre-sale. Future Colossal was brought on board to create two activations that would entertain guests while showcasing the impressive sound and photo quality of the Axon device.






Design & Development


To showcase ZTE Axon's premium JBL audio, we created a visually stimulating experience powered by guests' brainwaves via EEG headgear. Using Muse's brain-sensing headband, brain waves produced while listening to music on the new Axon were projected as a colorful landscape on the wall with pulsing shapes, changing colors, and moving terrain. While listening to high fidelity audio, guests could analyze their brain activity based on changes in the visuals; colors changed from calm to excited, landscape moved to represent levels of brain activity, and particle ribbons scattered and concentrated to represent low to high focus.

To show off the powerful Axon cameras, we set up ten phones with custom photo software to make a basketball GIF station that takes bullet time photos of guests shooting hoops. Guests also had a chance to meet and get tips from retired NBA player, Charles Smith. After a short countdown and buzzer, guests could take a shot from anywhere on the court.

The ZTE Axon phones set up around the goal would all-flash in sequence creating a great visual effect while snapping the photo. Photos showed the shot from all angles, and due to the high quality of the Axon camera, we could capture clear action shots. Guests could view their GIF on a nearby monitor and have it sent to their mobile via text.

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