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Experiential Marketing for TV

Audiences are eager to discover and connect with shows - especially now when time at home is replacing time at events.

Future Colosssal's team of experience designers, developers and engineers create experiences for out of home and in-home experiential. Our team has created experiences and strategies for globally successful properties like Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, Dexter, Inside The NFL, Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney Descendants, Netflix’s Stranger Things and more… to inspire word of mouth sharing, and let audiences become a part of the story world of their favorite shows.

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What we do:

At Home Experiences

Bring cutting-edge technology to personal devices on the web, mobile devices, VR, AR, XR, and more.

Game Design & Development

We create games and quizzes that delight and inform for single or multiple players for all platforms.

Digital Out of Home

Our award-winning interactive DOOH campaigns bring story worlds to life and engage audiences wherever they are.

Social Games and Apps

Connecting viewers and fans with multiplayer experiences that allow them to play and share live with their favorite shows.

AR & Browser Based Tracking

Using webcams to track to connect the digital and real world– without additional hardware.

Sharable Content & UGC

We tap into people’s creativity and give them the tools to create gorgeous content to customize and share on social media.

Touchless DOOH: Penny Dreadful

Future Colossal stops audiences in their tracks with interactive Digital Out of Home experiences. Like this experience that let pedestrians play with the World of Penny Dreadful.

As pedestrians walked past storefronts in New York and Los Angeles, they were stalked by shadowy Victorian figures. For the thousands that stopped and looked at them, the 28 characters responded. Each shadowy character had it’s own artificial intelligence which allowed them to make their own decisions and interact with pedestrians in natural human - and supernatural ways. The installations also included peepholes to view exclusive preview scenes and original content, haunted video portraits and a social sharing station- maximizing the opportunities to connect with the show.

Our Experience:

Interested in some of the technologies we’re using for in-home experiences? Get a taste from some of our previous projects.

Licensed Games

Bring information to life in quizzes and games for single or multiple players delivered to their at-home devices – like our Microsoft 1.11 for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Touchless Interactive Experiences

Activating projections, vehicles, interactive windows and more, we let audiences play inside your content with their whole bodies, like this experience for Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

Customized UGC Experiences

Giving your audience opportunities to create and collaborate in a branded environment that allows people to customize and share - like in this campaign for AXE.

At Home Experiential Technologies

Future Colossal is bring cutting edge tech to at-home experiences including:

  • Skeletal tracking - where you play the experience with your whole body, and the webcam tracks your body position
  • Gestural tracking - where you activate audio and visual interactions with a wave of your hands
  • Facial tracking - where animations interact with your face in real time

Use these tools and more to amplify online games, social experiences and create UGC.

Example: Live Sentiment Responses

Want to bring the live studio audience to your presenters at home? We can create tools that monitor facial expressions and interactive input to deliver the live laugh, awws, boos and sighs hosts expect.

Example: Virtual Backgrounds

Using their mobile device, a user is able to navigate a part of your show’s set or virtual story world, crafting videos and images to share with friends on social media.

Thought Starters

  • Allow audiences to create sharable content that reacts to their bodies’ movements.
  • Create new games that allow audiences to interact with their own bodies as the controller on at-home devices.
  • Show audience reactions to hosts in real time.

How will you invite audiences to dive deeper into your shows?

Tell us about your project! Our team will offer solutions
that fit your needs and budget.