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Immersive Experience Design

Since 2012, our team comprised of designers, creative technologists, fabricators, and engineers, has been working together to craft unique and playful interactive immersive experiences. With expertise ranging from interactive architecture and installation art to software development and hardware design, we achieve the extraordinary.

Our versatility is undeniable. We work with clients across a variety of industries, including:

  • Themed Entertainment
  • Marketing
  • Immersive Advertising
  • Gaming
  • Sports / Esports
  • Live events
  • Film and Television
  • Immersive Retail
  • Health
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technology
  • Exhibit Design

Our Experience:

Interested in some of the technologies we’re using in themed entertainment? Get a taste from some of our previous experiences.

Projection Environments

Transport guests to fictional worlds and activate underutilized spaces with high-res projection.

Multiplayer Interactive Surfaces

Use projections and multiplayer touch and gestural screens to elevate unused spaces.

Sensory Immersion

Combine fabrication and 4D sensory technology to create immersive environments.

Tracking & Computer Vision

Personalize creative attractions through system integration and smart systems for destinations.

AI & Interactive Narratives

Integrate AI into interactive narratives for unmanned attractions to immerse guests.

Mixed Reality

Transform outdoor, indoor, manned and unmanned attractions into real world experiences with AR and MR tools.

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